WeMakeCoolSh.it is a platform for the commercial and non-commercial creative
ventures of Matt McGregor-Mento and Mark Krawczuk.

We're not art directors or copywriters, strategists or planners. We're creative people,
able to concept at a high level, who can also get things done in a nuts and bolts way.

We focus on the cool shit – our top-of-mind is: ‘is it going to be something that people
give a damn about or not?’ We bring something more like the director/producer
mentality to a digital/experiential world.

A glimpse of what we can do for you, depending on who you are:

FOR AGENCIES: We normally integrate into an agency's structure, working with
your existing team members to help creative departments with project ideation and
execution. Generally, we do this in the role of Creative Directors. This could include
brainstorming, coming up with Big Ideas for pitches and proposals, talent curation, and
creative direction.

When we’ve all agreed on the right ideas? We can also execute work, as Executive

These are often those "Special Projects". Need someone to fly a helicopter by remote
control during a mobile videoconference? Need someone to set up a DIY WiFi network
on the New York City subway? Need someone to work with local artists to create
a content hub accessible with any mobile browser? Want a working hot tub or fully
functional ramen bar in the back of a truck? No problem. We are here to help.

FOR BRANDS: For larger brands looking for a unique promotional idea, we can
create events, experiences, and promotions. We can work completely end-to-end:
from business analysis to concept, all the way through execution, fulfillment and

FOR START-UPS AND SMALLER FIRMS: Working closely with principals, we can provide
business and creative consulting, offering insights on how creative development and
production of key tasks can be streamlined, as well as helping with execution.

FOR INDIVIDUALS: We offer individual consultation, mentoring and management
for other dedicated creative professionals. Should it be exploring professional
advancement, career change, consulting on individual projects or just getting some
honest third-party feedback. We’re always happy to share our thinking, philosophy and
connections with the creative community that we work with. A variety of makers and
artists have involved us both as creative collaborators, as well as producers to create
their projects.

FOR US: Sometimes an idea is just too good to pass up. It's the sort of thing that should
exist in the world we want to live in. So we make it, and share it with the world.

AS SPEAKERS: We are happy to share our wit and wisdom on creativity and how creative
people work.

AS MAKERS: Want to include us in your project? We could be down for that.

We’re always up for a challenge. And we’re always available to chat. Let’s make cool